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 CFDs were developed as a type of equity swap in the 1990s in London. After that, it was introduced to retail traders in the late 1990s. Many UK companies popularized this to see live prices and trade in real time. CFD provider expanded the trading to overseas markets. CFDs are not available in the US. It does not have any expiry date. It can be closed only by making a second reverse trade. Leverage: Leverage is we are putting money on an asset...

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This trading software has never stopped amazing me

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I came to know about trading form a colleague who used to trade from office. Initially, it was putting off to see someone in your next cubicle not really working but doing something that would serve her good. So, my first impression about trading was not such a great one. In the hindsight, I still believe that the colleague should not have tried to use the office devices for any personal endeavor. I never really cared about trading because it...

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Popular CFD Trading Assets

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Not one but many significant reasons can be offered for the growing popularity of the CFD trading practice that has attracted even the novice traders, earnestly! Yes, this unconventional trading approach offers a number of benefits, among which the significant one is the flexibility to trade different assets. Yes, unlike a stock trading practice, where your tradeable asset can either be the shares or the ETFs, in a CFD trading practice, your...

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Do Cryptocurrencies Help Save Tax?

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Lately, there have a lot of exciting news and benefits revolving around the virtual currency, commonly called the cryptocurrency. Some of the commercial taglines include: The entire digital currency system is very transparent Investing in cryptocurrencies has resulted in huge returns The value of digital currencies is growing exponentially It is one of the safest means to carry out monetary transactions in today’s world The system...

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Intangible Properties Of Cryptocurrencies

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The term cryptocurrency has been doing the rounds for the past few years now, with Bitcoin being the first of its kind since the year 2009. However, for this of you who are still in the dark, cryptocurrency is nothing about a kind of digital or virtual currency, unlike cash or coins, that functions based on the encryption of data and other high profile plain text for safety and security reasons and to prevent counterfeiting. The main highlights...

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