Fintech LTD: A Complete Factsheet

Posted by on Dec 1, 2017 in Posts |

There is no doubt about the fact that one must always look into a business module properly before investing in it. The same applies to Fintech LTD because this software has been recently launched in the market and although this trading tool has made huge profits in its initial stage itself, one can never be too careful. It is practically impossible for any trading system to deliver a success ratio of 100% and the same cannot be expected of...

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Secret Code To Money

Posted by on Nov 24, 2017 in Posts |

All of us are looking for some money making scheme that will make us rich without much hard work. Some of us succeed in creating a viable scheme and are able to live comfortably. While others strike rich in the stock market. Rest of the people end up struggling for the entire life because they could not open the door to the opportunities knocking at their door. The reason could be apprehensions, unawareness or lack of right opportunities. Here...

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QProfit System

Posted by on Nov 17, 2017 in Posts |

This is a new trading system, launched by two people experienced in the way online trading systems works. One is an experienced stockbroker and trader himself. His partner is a former software developer. These two people have created a boon for people who want to invest in the stock market but are scared of the odds against them. They do not want to lose the money painstakingly saved for their retirement years or for their children’s education....

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Support – The Price To Enter The Trade

Posted by on Nov 10, 2017 in Posts |

A very important aspect of technical trading is the support level. The Q Profit System review and the other algo-trading software put a lot of focus on the support levels.   Support is where the price of the asset that you are trading in gets support. This means that it is the price point where the demand for the asset is high and thus the probability of the asset price rising from the price point is high. It is very likely that when the...

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How to deal with Cyber risks in your business

Posted by on Nov 3, 2017 in Posts |

When you read more about QProfit System and other automated trading bots and the way they have transformed the way we trade, the internet feels like a wonderful place to be. But then the scary cyber attacks on the Bank of Bangladesh in February 2016 where hackers used the loopholes in SWIFT to do away with $81 million dollars tells another story. The above said financial heist had taken precedence over Brexit, US elections, and volatility in...

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Financial Planning For Students

Posted by on Oct 27, 2017 in Posts |

Being a student is hard. You’re broke all the time. You’re lucky if you’re getting paid a minimum wage. And saving money is a distant dream. If you’ve also got a student loan to pay off, then, the financial burden on you can be overwhelming. And it doesn’t help that students also have to worry about getting a job so that they can begin paying off their loans. There’s so much money to think about that it can get a bit much. Tips To Plan Despite...

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