Semantic Grid Community

Semantic Grid Community Mailing List <>

The Semantic Grid community mailing list carries discussion about all aspects of the Semantic Grid. Anyone involved in Semantic Grid research and development is welcome to join.

The list is hosted by the Global Grid Forum. To subscribe, send a subscribe sem-grd message to

The subscription request will be forwarded for approval (it goes to David De Roure and Geoffrey Fox) - this usually occurs within minutes or a few hours at most. Here is the welcome message for new members of the list.

To unsubscribe, send an unsubscribe sem-grd message.

OGF provides a mail archive for this list.

Semantic Grid Community Organisers

The following people have all been involved in organising Semantic Grid Community events and special issues:

Allison Clark, Jonathan Dale, David De Roure Geoffrey Fox, Yolanda Gil, Carole Goble, Jim Hendler, Jane Hunter, Carl Kesselman, Jim Myers, Marlon Pierce, Line Pouchard, York Sure, Hai Zhuge

Thanks also to William Johnston and Bruce Barkstrom for their help in launching the OGF Semantic Grid Research Group, and Dave Snelling for supporting us as OGF Area Director.

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