Bitcoins have been operating in the online trading market without any interruptions for the past nine years, though it’s still experimental. It is used as a method of payment for products bought or sold and services rendered. It can be used to buy anything and everything you want. Bitcoins are quite impossible to duplicate or counterfeit and can be self-controlled without the intervention of a third party like PayPal or a bank.

Bitcoin transactions should only be done with individuals or businesses that you can trust, as the bitcoin transactions made can neither be reversed nor refunded. Hence to avoid any invalid transactions, it’s advisable to thoroughly confirm before proceeding with the payment.   Feel free to refer to the full review on how to get started.

Websites/Job Boards

The best and easiest way to acquire bitcoins is to accept them as a form of payment for the products or services offered. Paying with Bitcoins can be given as an option on online trading platforms. Here are a few sites dedicated to digital currency:

  • WeUseCoins Bitcoin Faucet – Sponsors provide free bitcoins
  • Jobs 4 Bitcoins – find jobs at
  • BitPay – a highly recommended tool for accounting services
  • Bitgigs – offers freelance jobs
  • WorkForBitcoin – a platform that unites employers and employees
  • SatoshiDisk – free service where one can upload or write, sell and share digital goods
  • Coinality – part time, full time and freelance job opportunities

Interest payments

Lending the bitcoins out and getting repaid with interest in digital currency is an easier alternative to acquiring bitcoins. This can be done in various ways:

  • Directly lending bitcoins to someone you trust.
  • Pairing up lenders and borrowers through websites which facilitate digital trading.
  • Opening bitcoin accounts in sites such as BTCjam, Bitbond and BitLendingCluband depositing the bitcoins in such virtual banks where a certain amount of interest rate is offered. Needless to say, you will have to proceed with caution on third-party


Playing in casinos that provide bitcoin trading for betting, jackpots, online lotteries and various other games is also an option for acquiring bitcoins. Well, the risks associated with gambling are not absent.


Bitcoins can be extremely empowering but is absolutely variant from the traditional currency that we are aware of and use on a daily basis. All over the world, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of merchants and service provided. The bitcoin industry is ever evolving and has quite a lot of bitcoin news services to stay up to date with.