How To Choose A Stellar Wallet?

Stellar Lumen is already making headlines with its popularity as a cryptocurrency. This very network is designed to attach banks, public, and compensation system. It aims at creating a payment network that is faster and can transfer currency to any part of the world. The currency of the network is known as Lumen (XLM), is the sixth popular digital according to its market capitalization value as of July 2018.

Looking at the popularity of the coin you may want to buy some for yourself but before that, you need a place to store the coin. To store Stellar Lumen you need a wallet and here is some advice help you to choose one for you.

What should you look before buying a wallet?

When you a planning to buy a stellar the following points should be kept in mind.

  1. Smallest amount to maintain a wallet: each wallet must be capable of holding 1XLM which is equal to $0.32 which is very difficult but better than previous 20 XLM requirements earlier this year.
  2. Security features: security is the topmost priority for any cryptocurrency. Even you keep your physical wallet out of reach of suspicious people, so why not a crypto wallet. Always choose a wallet that gives you maximum security. Some of the features you should look at are effective encryption, secure PIN and Password and 2-factor authentications.
  3. Private key: you should have over the key in the wallet you choose.
  4. easy recovery: you should always look for a wallet that has easy recovery policy should look for because if something goes wrong it can recover faster.
  5. team behind its development: verify whether the wallet gets constantly updated or it is left like that for several months. The people working for the development of the wallet should have concrete knowledge of the technology needed to keep the wallet updated all the time because it keeps the wallet safe.
  6. Customer support: people often do not think about this feature until they are in trouble, it is always better too before buying a wallet. So search for a wallet that has good customer support as. This is the team that will help you out if you undergo a bad phase.

Hope this article has given you information on how to choose a wallet, what they do and how to use them click full review for more information.