Brush with destiny!

There are some moments in life when you think that it cannot get worse than this. You are totally shattered and you start questioning the purpose of your existence. It is natural that you want to run away from that situation but you most definitely cannot!

These are the moments that make you strong!

Undoubtedly true this. The most trying and the testing period of our life is also the period when we learn most of our life lessons and also they help us become more strong and worthy itself.

A couple of years ago, a friend and I had started a joint venture cafeteria in the middle of the square. We were just out of business school, both of us and we were keen to start our venture. We decided that we would stake our own money instead of borrowing from banks or any other financial institutions.

The reason we had was that we did not want to pay exorbitant rates of interest and we were sure that with the concept that we had in mind, the cafeteria would instantly become a hit and we would break even in a couple of months itself.

But destiny had something else in store for us!

The business did not run as successfully as we had anticipated and sooner than six months into it, we had to wind up and call it quits. Most o four money that we had created a corpus for was used up, a major chunk of paying the exorbitant rent for the place. The interiors were reusable but it could hardly fetch us anything more than a few thousand more from the next lessee.

Our assets were mostly perishable and so we could not capitalize on that as well. In the end, we had to declare insolvency. We had never anticipated the idea would bomb. We didn’t even have enough money to run our households.

HBSwiss saved us then:

We were desperately looking for means to employ ourselves. We did not have anything left for a new venture. We hit upon this idea of trading online because my friend was quite good at trading. We decided that till we had a breakthrough, we had to earn albeit even little to keep ourselves floating.

But you need to check this out!

The trading software not only helped us gain back confidence in life but it also helped us to pay our debtors. It was so heartening to find ourselves calling our debtors ourselves to clear off their debts. There is nothing like paying up and then flitting. Yes, we weren’t a great success but that is no reason to punish our debtors who trusted them.

This is exactly why we are hooked to HBSwiss:

The honesty and the integrity that the trading platform exhibits is exemplary. We are both surprised and in awe! Kudos HBSwiss!