I came to know about trading form a colleague who used to trade from office. Initially, it was putting off to see someone in your next cubicle not really working but doing something that would serve her good. So, my first impression about trading was not such a great one. In the hindsight, I still believe that the colleague should not have tried to use the office devices for any personal endeavor.

I never really cared about trading because it was easy to back then to make ends meet. I had no big commitments to worry about and I was happy sailing comfortably. A few years down the line, I did feel that maybe a college degree would help spruce up the resume a bit and help me get on to something bigger, perhaps more ambitious.

That was the time the industry was getting hit with a semi-recession kind of conditions. And while I was looking at climbing the ladder, my job itself looked like it was going to be in the red.

It was frightening:

Yes frightening the correct word. I was on tenterhooks and was always under the duress of performing better lest I became a victim of attrition and lay off. However, challenges bring with them the ability to cope. And I saw myself turning to trading.

Life did come full circle!

I chose a program invariably because I did not feel like going to the root of the matter. I thought to myself it either works for me the first time or it does not work at all. I was not going to spend my energies on learning what was legit and what was not. What a folly!

I realize today that I was being gutsy and foolishly so. But the program I chose was a perfectly legit one and it worked. I am so thankful it did!

I have written a complete and uncensored Crypto Code Review on my blog post and you can read it by clicking here. The program is one hundred and ten percent legit and it has helped me not just become confident that I can survive anything but it has also helped me secure my diploma degree!

The profits were small but they were consistent:

Every time I profited, I remembered the adage “every drop an ocean makes” drip by drip, the profits cumulatively gave me a big sum at the end of five months and I was able to pay up my college and book fees.

By the way, it is already one year since I finished my course but this time again I am planning to continue trading and earn to saving for my children’s degree. Smiles***