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Call for Participation

Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa, Honolulu, Thursday June 10, 2004

 GGF11 Semantic Grid Applications Workshop

The GGF11 Semantic Grid Applications Workshop (also referred to under the original title of “1st International Semantic Grid Symposium”) will be held on Thursday June 10 at GGF11 in Hawaii. It is open to all GGF11 participants, and a special registration rate is available for those who wish only to attend the workshop. The Workshop Proceedings will be available on Grid Forge and on the Semantic Grid Research Group Web Site at the workshop.


Following on from the successful Semantic Grid workshop at GGF9, the GGF Semantic Grid Research Group is running its second workshop at GGF11. The theme of the workshop is Semantic Grid Applications, reflecting the GGF11 emphasis on real Grids, and the event is being organized in conjunction with the Applications and Testbeds Working Group (APPS-RG). The workshop will be a combination of invited presentations and refereed submissions, and is aimed at practitioners and would-be practitioners of Grid computing benefiting from Semantic Web tools and techniques.

The workshop is scheduled from 8.30am to 5.30pm in South Pacific 2. It is organized as four sessions: applications, information grid, collaborative grid and computational grid. Each session has three presentations and plenty of time for discussion. Posters and demos will also be on display. There will be an opportunity for participants to make brief presentations about their own Semantic Grid activities at the end of the appropriate session.

Session 1 – Applications (8.30-10.00)

Introduction to the Semantic Grid Applications Workshop
David De Roure and Carole Goble (15 mins + introductions)

Invited talk – Engineering semantics: Costs and Benefits
Simon Cox, L. Chen, C. Puleston, F. Tao, Carole Goble, and Nigel R. Shadbolt (30 mins)

Designing Ontologies and Distributed Resource Discovery Services for an Earthquake Simulation Grid
Mehmet S. Aktas, Marlon Pierce, and Geoffrey C. Fox (20 mins)

Session 2 – Information Grid (10.30-12.00)

Invited talk – Exploring Williams-Beuren Syndrome Using myGrid
R.D. Stevens, H.J. Tipney, C.J. Wroe, T.M. Oinn, M. Senger, P.W. Lord, C.A. Goble, and A. Brass (30 mins)

Distributed Data Management and Integration Framework: The Mobius Project
Shannon Hastings, Stephen Langella, Scott Oster, Joel Saltz (30 mins)

eBank UK – Linking Research Data, Scholarly Communication and Learning
Liz Lyon, Rachel Heery, Monica Duke, Simon Coles, Mike Hursthouse, Jeremy Frey, Les Carr, Christopher Gutteridge (15 mins)

Session 3 – Collaborative Grid (14.00-15.30)

Using the Semantic Grid to Build Bridges between Museums and Indigenous Communities
Jane Hunter, Ronald Schroeter, Bevan Koopman, and Michael Henderson (30 mins)

Collaborative Tools in the Semantic Grid
Michelle Bachler, Simon Buckingham Shum, Jessica Chen-Burger, Jeff Dalton, David De Roure, Marc Eisenstadt, Jiri Komzak, Danius Michaelides, Kevin Page, Stephen Potter, Nigel Shadbolt, and Austin Tate (30 mins)

The Integration of Peer-to-peer and the Grid to Support Scientific Collaboration
Tran Vu Pham, Lydia M. S. Lau, and Peter M. Dew (15 mins)

Session 4 – Computational Grid (16.00-17.30)

OWL-Based Resource Discovery for Inter-Cluster Resource Borrowing
Hideki YOSHIDA, Nobuo SAKIYAMA, Toshibumi SEKI, Tatsunori KANAI, and Tetsuro KIMURA (30 mins)

Semantic Annotation of Computational Components
Peter Vanderbilt and Piyush Mehrotra (15 mins)

Interoperability and Transformability through Semantic Annotation of a Job Description Language
Jeffrey Hau, William Lee, and Steven Newhouse (15 mins)

Closing discussion
Workshop organizers (15 mins)


Collaboratory for the Multi-scale Chemical Science (CMCS)
CombeChem: Combinatorial Chemistry and the Grid
Grid enabled knowledge services: collaborative problem solving environments in medical informatics (MIAKT)


Please contact Danius Michaelides if you require any further information about the event.

Workshop organizers

The workshop is being held by the GGF Semantic Grid Research Group (SEM-RG) in conjunction with the Applications and Testbeds Working Group (APPS-RG). The Workshop Co-Chairs are:

David De Roure (Chair)Semantic Grid Research Group
Geoffrey FoxGrid Computing Environments and Semantic Grid Research Groups
Carole GobleSemantic Grid Research Group
Simon J. CoxApplications Working Group

The submissions chair is Danius Michaelides and the proceedings chair is Luc Moreau. For further information please see the Web site or contact Danius Michaelides on

Program Committee

Mark BakerUniversity of Portsmouth, UK
Jim BlytheInformation Sciences Institute, USC
William JohnstonLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Kerstin KleeseCLRC Daresbury Laboratory, UK
Libby MillerILRT, University of Bristol, UK
Jim MyersPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Marlon PierceIndiana University

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