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Semantic Grid 101 at GGF16

Semantic Grid 101

There was a Semantic Grid 101 session at GGF16 in Athens, Greece. The session was on Tuesday Feb 14 10:30am-12pm, in advance of the 3rd GGF Semantic Grid Workshop which is being held on Wednesday Feb 15, 2006 1:30pm-7:00pm. The slides are available.

Semantic Web ideas, tools and technologies have now been applied in Grid applications and middleware for over 3 years. These Semantic Grid activities span the globe and have been a particular feature of activities in the UK e-Science programme and in the Grid projects funded by the European Commission, together with significant activities in USA and in China. Best practice is emerging as the first phase of projects has now completed.

This session is aimed at all GGF attendees who would like an introduction to the Semantic Web and Semantic Grid. Anyone is welcome to come along to find out what's going on and see how they might use these ideas in their own projects. No prior knowledge of Semantic Web is necessary.

The session will be run by Carole Goble and Sean Bechhofer and will include:

The session is scheduled so that people who want to know more about the state of the art and future plans can follow up by participating in the Semantic Grid Workshop which is being held the following day.

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